Residential Foundation Repair


Fast, Hassle-Free Foundation Repair and Releveling

Need foundation repair and stabilization in Orange County? Join the 200,000 customers who've relied on Geobear to repair and relevel foundation by solving subsidence or settlement issues in just 1-2 days.

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Concerned About Subsidence or Settlement Issues?

Cracks in Foundations and Walls or Sunken Spots in Pools or Patios Can Be a Sign of Subsidence. If you notice any of the following signs in your property, it is time to consider our foundation repair and stabilization services in Orange County.

cracks in exterior or interior walls

Cracks in Walls

Cracks in interior or exterior walls can signal issues with ground settlement or subsidence.

stuck doors and windows

Stuck Doors or Windows

When the ground is not level, you may find that windows and doors stick or refuse to open at all.

sunken or uneven floors

Sunken or Uneven Floors

Settlement and subsidence below a home can cause floors to sink or become uneven over time.

cracked foundation or concrete

Cracks in Concrete

As instability in the ground gets worse, it can lead to cracks in concrete and uneven floors.

Financing Available

You Can Finance Your Foundation Repair Costs - 0% Introductory Rates Available to Well-Qualified Buyers

Learn More About Geopolymer Injection

Check out our videos to learn about Geobear's innovative, cost-effective solutions for foundation repair and stabilization in Orange County.

See Resin Injection in Action

This short animated video shows you how geopolymer resin injection can quickly and efficiently correct subsidence and settlement problems.

What to Expect at Your Home

What can you expect when you hire Geobear? Watch this short video to learn about the process you'll go through when working with Geobear.

Request a Fast and Easy Virtual Site Visit

Need help figuring out if your wall, driveway, or foundation cracks are due to settlement or subsidence? Book a site visit and speak to one of our experts.

How do we resolve subsidence in just 2 days?

geopolymer injection foundation repair


At just 16mm, the holes we drill are usually smaller than a dime and we typically don't even need access to the inside of your home.

geopolymer injection foundation repair


Our technicians expertly inject a special geopolymer resin that will expand and harden to support and lift your property.

geopolymer injection foundation repair


In just 15 minutes, the geopolymer resin is 90% cured and has expanded to fill any voids and stabilize the ground.

geopolymer injection foundation repair


You'll see the results instantly. In most cases, cracks will disappear and doors will unstick as we gently raise the property.

Why choose Geobear?

Work is completed in just 1-2 days.

Unlike traditional underpinning, which can take months, we typically complete the job in just 2 days, with minimal disruption.


We've treated over 200,000 structures worldwide.

Including over 20,000 residential properties as well as major projects in infrastructure and commercial worldwide.

We've been treating subsidence for over 37 years.

We invented the geopolymer solution used for injection over 37 years ago and we're happy to bring this effective house-leveling solution to Orange County and beyond.

Clean and easy so you don't need to move out.

Because we just need to drill a few holes to inject the geo-resin, there's no need for costly disruptions to your life.

Our work is guaranteed for 10 years.

We guarantee our work for ten years to protect your property and protect your investment in subsidence or settlement repair.


Skip the costly and disruptive groundworks.

We don't need to dig up your foundations, so you save time, money, and disruption. Plus, we aren't disrupting your landscaping!

What Customers Are Saying

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The GEOBEAR Team arrived on time, and after completing their Risk Assessment, their Leader briefed me on what they proposed to do. The team worked in a very efficient manner, and completed the job in a timely manner, They carried out a 'sweep' of the area and took away any rubbish. I was then briefed on what I could and could not do over the next few weeks. Overall an an excellent experience.

Ian Sylvester

Geobear understood what was required from the very first phone call after initial contact via e-mail. Though out the whole process from the initial contact to actually arriving and doing the job were helpful, polite and professional. Everything was worked around my availability so site survey and doing the work was controlled by me and there was no pressure.

Steven Potton

From first contact By the area sales manager down to the team undertaking the repair to the sunken floor, this team are highly recommended, very polite, very informative as to how and why they deal with the repair in the way they do, If we ever have such a problem in the future we will be using Geobear and also recommend them to all

Karl Jones

Excellent to deal with. Friendly and efficient team on site at our house to undertake the work. Everything left very tidy. Great job.

David Tibbetts

The results from work carried out by Geobear we’re astonishing! A minor crack which had slowly started opening up in our living room closed completely immediately following injection. Minimal disruption and work completed same day.

David Nicholson

Excellent company, all the staff have I dealt with are professional and polite and informative. Good design brief and the operatives on site are clean and well informed of the task in hand. All in all a great experience.

Jonathan Young

Request a Fast and Easy Virtual Site Visit

Need help figuring out if your wall, driveway, or foundation cracks are due to settlement or subsidence? Request a quote now and speak to one of our experts.

About Geobear


Geobear is an international ground improvement solutions company treating subsidence, settlement, and other ground instability issues. Our fast, cost-effective, and innovative solutions stabilize the ground, fill voids, and lift slabs with minimal disruption. As the original inventor of geopolymer injection solutions, we've treated over 200,000 properties across the globe. Because of this, Geobear is a trusted partner for industry and homeowners alike.

Behind everything we do is our commitment to socially-responsible ground improvement. You (our customer) always come first. This means we're committed to zero harm to protect the environment and everyone in it (that means you). We strive to provide Orange County foundation repair services that are convenient, reliable and cost-effective, while minimizing negative impacts to people or the environment.

We do this using our unique, patented Geobear solution. Our expert ground engineers create small holes in the ground and inject an expanding geopolymer resin. Once underground, the resin expands to fill all of the gaps and compact the soil, gradually lifting the ground above. This process is monitored with lasers to ensure absolute precision. The whole process can be carried out in just a matter of hours.



Contact Us

Contact us to request a complimentary consultation. Whether you know you have a settlement problem or you just aren’t sure, we’re here to help.

Our expert customer support professionals can help you over the phone. If it might be a settlement or subsidence issue, we’ll get a skilled ground engineer to visit your property and conduct a complimentary site visit and assessment.

Don’t wait until your problem gets bigger. Explore the most cost-effective, innovative solutions available. You deserve to save time, money, and stress.

Contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation! For immediate assistance, call 877-GEOBEAR to speak to a representative now.

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