Repair Your Foundation Issues At Their Source

Loose and subsiding soils wreak havoc on foundations, causing cracking, settlement, and sinking slabs. Our geopolymer injection process repairs your compromised soils and restores load-bearing integrity.


Slab Lifting | Void Filling | Ground Stabilization | Pipe and Culvert Stabilization | Foundation Stabilization | Clay Treatment | Trip Hazards | Barrier Cut-off Walls | Trenchless Storm Drain Repairs


Geopolymer injection can sometimes be the only solution that works for soil stabilization, strengthening weak soils, void filling, and other critical applications for utilities and industrial needs. Engineers, contractors, and utility companies have relied on Geobear for support in sewer pipe replacement projects, trenchless drain repair, void filling, and many other projects.


Your business doesn't have to stop for you to treat foundation issues, sloping floors, settlement, and subsidence. With Geobear, most solutions can be implemented in days - not weeks - with no need to shut down the business, send your employees home, or handle messy cleanup. This is why businesses including warehouses, supermarkets, and office buildings trust Geobear to resolve their foundation issues.


Geobear is the premier partner for your home, development, condo building, or apartment buildings. With our educational approach, even inexperienced homeowners and property managers can feel confident in their solution while treating foundation problems with the cleanest, least disruptive, and most efficient solution on the market.

Customer Reviews

I would highly recommend Geobear as they are very knowledgeable and honest! We had foundation cracks at our home, Gene provided us with great feedback to understand the cause and remedy. They went above and beyond for us, after studying the situation and giving their opinion, they helped us to choose another solution provider to fix the issue. Who does that in todays world. Most companies would lie just to get the job. Greatly appreciate all their help in honesty!

JW Haga

I am giving GeoBear (Gene) five stars because of their knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness, I didn’t have to wait weeks for an appointment unlike other companies to get a professional opinion an assessment of my house. Gene, was very methodical with his reading on the equipment that he brought, Gene took the time to educate us and explained why he doesn’t think that the house has any foundation issues, it is quite refreshing to have someone as knowledgeable and honest as Gene is. I would highly recommend any consern homeowner out there to contact Geobear for their house foundation questions. Thanks again Gene for taking the time and for your quick response and especially for giving us peace of mind!!

Carlos Ramirez

I am extremely grateful for the time and knowledge that Gene gave when coming to my home and assessing if I had foundational damage. He showed up on time, took detailed data and was able to share his expert knowledge. He was also so friendly and went out of his way to bring me peace of mind. I would highly recommend Geobear to anyone who has concerns about their home’s foundation.

Vikki Dunsmore

Brought our slab back up 1 1/4 inches. Definitely the least evasive way to fix a slab. Will definitely recommend if I ever get the opportunity.

Cody Woods

Recently, my house has a foundation/settlement problem and Geobear offered me their highly effective and cost-effecient geopolymer injection technique that fixed the issue. Traditional methods will take weeks using highly labor intensive procedures to tackle the same problem. Geopolymer is a new science that works well. If you have encountered the same problem like me, I highly recommend you to talk with Gene and his team. You will get honest and expert opinions from them, and most importantly, it will save you tons of time, money and energy.


We bought our house in December and we knew it had foundation issues. The traditional method of repairing our issue was extremely costly. We looked around for different quotes and it was a scary experience. When we stumbled across Geobear, we were pleasantly surprised with their professionalism and transparency. I am very satisfied with Gene’s (president of the company) open communication and availability for questions. The process took 3 days and we couldn’t be more happy with the experience.

Grant Tinnes

Geobear was a fantastic partner and provider in working to stabilize our home/foundation. Can’t recommend them enough. We unfortunately had what many homeowners hope to never have, foundation issues. We noticed a couple new drywall cracks. We looked at a lot of different options and we were overwhelmed with the price for many. In google searching and reading up on different methods, I discovered Geobear as an alternative to helical piers. They’re relatively new in the residential space here, but are the more “standard” solution in the EU & UK. That gave me peace of mind. We even found another issue as part of the prep for the project which was not something they could remedy, but they were super helpful with their own time of helping me kind figure out what was happening. Great customer service.

Nathaniel Harting

Geopolymer Foundation Stabilization and Repair with GEopolymer foam

Precision and Excellence

Over 200,000 structures treated worldwide

We invented the geopolymer soil stabilization solution over 37 years ago, developing and refining the process that has been saving homes and foundations across the globe. The fact is our proprietary techniques, processes, diligence, and polymers are all built around our experiences, successes, and failures that make sure each and every project is done right. This is why our work is guaranteed for 10 years!

How geopolymer injection repairs your weak soils

We repair weak soils using a high density geopolymer that is specifically formulated for supporting foundations and concrete slabs.  The geopolymer works by filling the voids present in the soils and underneath the slab, and then compacting it into dense matrix or geopolymer in soil.  This process reestablishes the soils weight-bearing capacity and contact to your foundation slab.

geopolymer soil stabilization foundation repair

Are You Experiencing these common signs of foundation settlement?

Wall Separation

Separation between walls and floors is a big indicator of foundation settlement.

Foundation Cracks

Observing cracks in your floors, foundation, or concrete slabs show the soils have subsided or can no longer support the slab.

Wall Cracks Foundation Settlement Repair Stabilization

Wall Cracks

Cracking in interior or exterior walls displaying in the form of stucco cracks or brick separation can indicate foundation movement or settlement.

Sloping Floors Wall Separation Soil Subsidence Settlement

Sloping Floors

Are your floors sloping or are uneven? Then it's likely they are settling due to weak soils.

If you are experiencing any of these issues its likely your slab support soils have weakened and subsided. It is important to act fast so these issues don't continue to worsen.


Geopolymer injection works by stabilizing loose soils underneath your foundation slab. There are several causes to to soil consolidating and losing its weight-bearing integrity, but when this happens, geopolymer can help increase and restore the soils density until it's capable of supporting the foundation's weight.

Clean and easy so you don't have to move out!

What to expect from Geobear?

Honesty, Professionalism, and a Hassle Free Experience.

In our almost 4 decades of experience and over 200,000 projects, we've learned to make the soil repair process as easy an experience as possible. We help homeowners skip costly and disruptive processes that require excavation, heavy equipment, and weeks to months of installation time.

Our geopolymer injection solution is so clean and easy that you don't have to move out and the work can be completed in 1-2 days. This means repairing your problem, completing the project in less time, and major cost savings.  So why choose Geobear? Because it's a better way.

Watch this short video to learn about the process you’ll go through when working with Geobear.

How do we resolve subsidence in just 2 days?

Geopolymer Soil stabilization Process 1


At just 5/8", the holes we drill are usually smaller than a dime and we typically don't even need access to the inside of your home.

Geopolymer Soil stabilization Process 2


Our technicians expertly inject a special geopolymer resin that will expand and harden to support and lift your property.

Geopolymer Soil stabilization Process 3


In just 15 minutes, the geopolymer resin is 90% cured and has expanded to fill any voids and stabilize the ground.

Geopolymer Soil stabilization Process 4


You'll see the results instantly. In most cases, cracks will disappear and doors will unstick as we gently raise the property.

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Learn how to repair home foundation issues with these great articles.

We find the better informed our customers are about what causes their home foundation issues, the better they understand the importance of repairing their foundation soils.  These articles are written to help our customers learn the repair processes, the issues causing the problems, and how they can make the best choice for their home.

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