Floor releveling & structural stabilization

without any business interruption

Let's talk about how we can quickly and easily help you with:

  • Slab Lifting

  • Void Filling

  • Ground Stabilization

  • Pipe and Culvert Stabilization

  • Foundation Stabilization

  • Clay Treatment

  • Trip Hazards

  • Barrier Cut-off Walls

  • Trenchless Storm Drain Repairs

Can Geobear help me?

Yes. Our solutions are appropriate for any type of structure and are more economical than traditional methods. Due to our non-invasive approach, there's no disruption to your business operations. Typical sites or issues which we can resolve include:

Warehouses or Logistics Centers

Factories and Industrial sites

Retail & Recreational sites

I am a Chartered Building surveyor specialising in building defects and I have used Geobear several times over the years to help resolve sunken floors and ground instability. I have always found them to be very professional and I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to others.

Alan Holmes DipSurv, MRICS, MCIAT, MCIOB.

The fast process to re-level sinking floors





The holes are 1/2 inch and drilled according to the engineered design

1/2 inch tubes are either placed through the slab or into the ground to deliver geopolymer

The geopolymer expands when injected to fill voids and hardens with strength comarable to concrete.

Floor slabs can be lifted with ease and monitored with lasers to verify accuracy.

For almost 40 years we've been helping businesses and services to continue operating while repairing sinking floors and remediating structural movement.

Contact us today and we will visit your site to assess the issue and our engineering team will design a solution to repair the affected area.

10x faster

than piling or other methods


completed projects worldwide

30% Greener

environmentally inert resin

Why choose Geobear?

No interruption down time to you

We can assess and deliver a solution for you within days if required, minimizing any downtime to your business.


Minimal Disruption

Our solution requires no excavation or heavy equipment. This means your business can focus on operating and we can work around you.

You are in Experienced and Safe Hands

Geobear used to be known as Uretek. We are the original inventors of geopolymer solutions and have 40 years of experience delivering projects.

Fully Engineered design

Your specific repair plan is designed by our in-house team of chartered engineering professionals for the most effective solutions based on your needs.

Industry approved materials

Our resin is environmentally inert and has no detrimental effects on the environment. We have worked tirelessly to ensure our materials are certified for use on your site.


Cost effective

Our solution will yield a 5 to 10x faster delivery rate than alternative solutions like piling, meaning the total costs and any losses can be reduced.

Speak to our experienced advisors to find out how we could help you and to arrange a site visit.

See Geobear in Action

Geobear solutions versus traditional method

This short video illustrates the key differences between a geopolymer solution and traditional piling for a warehouse or factory slab. Whereas the entire floor space needs to be cleared for a piling solution, Geobear can work around the operation on individual isles or bays.

Floor Slab Enfield

We were contracted to lift and relevel a floor slab in a warehouse before it could be leased.

Job completed in a week, saved months in lost lease time

St Helier Hospital access road

The hospital access road had sinking slabs and needed to be repaired while remaining open.

I would certainly recommend Geobear due to their expertise and professionalism

Asset Load Bearing Capacity of Soil Surrounding the City of Vista Sewer Pipe.

The City of Vista and Orion Construction were experiencing issues with sewer pipe deflection.

In-house engineering was a huge plus in developing a performance based solution

We operate anywhere in Orange County, Los Angeles or San Diego.

We have numerous depots with mobile teams ready to deliver projects where necessary

Difficult to access site? We just need to park our truck outside and use 300 feet hoses to deliver the resin. We can work on even the hardest to access sites.

The work itself took less than a day to complete and apart from clearing the room there was hardly any disruption at all. The team were polite and professional. We feel confident the work has been done to a high standard and solved the problem.We fully recommend Geobear.

Andy Dawson


Speak to our experts and find out how we could help you. A regional manager will visit your site.


Faster & more cost-effective than traditional solutions



Geopolymer injection







Geopolymer injection

1. Drill tiny holes into ground around site

2. Inject Geopolymer resin

3. Fill holes and clean up


1. Remove all site machinery/racking

2. Excavate slab

3. Install piles

4. Pour Slab

5. Replace racks/machines


Geopolymer injection

No need to move out

Truck can be parked on road up to 200 feet away

Traditional piling

 × Need to relocate during the works

 × Access needed for construction equipment

 × Major excavation


Geopolymer injection


Varies by site size - quote

Traditional Piling


Varies by site and supplier


Geopolymer injection

$ Crack repairs and seals

Traditional Piling

$ Removal of site racking / equipment

$ Loss of revenue due to down time

$ Relocation costs during works

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do you have?

We've treated over 200,000 structures worldwide. Each project is different and the time depends on the amount of lift needed, the area which needs treatment and the ground conditions. Most projects are fully completed within 1-2 days or weeks depending on site and scale.

Will there be disruption to operations?

Very little, if any. Our geopolymer resin is injected through tiny holes drilled in the ground. It's a bit like "keyhole surgery" so there is minimal excavation, disruption and mess. Nearly all our work is done outside the property and you don't need to move out.

How many projects have you completed?

Geobear (formerly Uretek) have completed over 200,000 projects worldwide over the last 40 years. We've completed over 11,000 residential projects across the USA/UK as well as major engineering projects for Orion Construction, City of Vista and Hallsell Builders

Do I get a warranty?

Our work comes with a 10 year insurance-backed warranty.

Do I need to relocate?

No. Most projects won't require you to stop operating.

Who will carry out and be resonsible for the work?

The work at your property will be designed by an engineer and carried out by our highly experienced technicians.

Is it safe and environmentally conscious?

Yes. Our geopolymer is inert. It is environmentally neutral and accredited to be injected near drinking water such as dams, rivers and levies.