Helping Commercial Contractors Address Ground Issues in a Fraction of the Time, Cost, and Hassle

Geobear helps commercial contractors and construction professionals address issues on projects faster and less disruptively than alternative options. Geopolymer injection can help you stay on schedule and on budget for a variety of applications including:

  ✓  Slab Lifting

  ✓  Void Filling

  ✓  Ground Stabilization

  ✓  Pipe and Culvert Stabilization

  ✓  Foundation Stabilization

  ✓  Clay Treatment

  ✓  Trip Hazards

  ✓  Barrier Cut-off Walls

  ✓  Trenchless Storm Drain Repairs


Geopolymer is Suitable for Many Commercial and Industrial Applications

Geobear has worked with over 200,000 properties around the world to help property owners, construction companies, government agencies, and others treat common ground issues. Applications include void filling, ground stabilization, slab lifting, pipe and culvert stabilization, foundation stabilization, clay soil treatment, trip hazards, barrier cut-off walls, and trenchless storm drain repairs.

Our patented geopolymer injection solutions are suitable to treat a variety of properties including warehouses, commercial offices, historic buildings, retail locations, hotels, utilities, and more. Plus, our non-invasive approach works with minimal disruption to normal operations, tenants, or existing construction timelines.

weak ground improvement solutions

Signs of Foundation Issues

Some of the most common signs of foundation issues caused by weak or unstable ground include cracks in concrete foundations, pads, or driveways that run diagonally and continue to expand over time. As the situation worsens, you’ll often notice cracks in walls, stucco, or tile flooring. In some cases, this will cause doors or windows to stick or jam as the framing of the property experiences increased pressure due to the shifting foundation. Often, on commercial projects, your engineering professionals might identify foundation or ground issues - especially weak ground or soil composition issues that would cause difficulties for your project.


Your Options for Treating Ground Issues

One of the most common ways to stabilize a structure in California is piles or piers. When a structure sits on soils that are loose, the building or other structure may start to sink into the ground. A pile or pier connects to the foundation of the affected structure and can restore stability to it.

At Geobear, we use geopolymer injection methods to treat the root cause of the issue. Our technicians inject a special geopolymer solution into affected ground that expands into weak areas and hardens to stabilize the ground. By addressing the soil instability that is causing the problem, you can arrest the settlement itself.

When faced with weak ground, stabilization projects, or void filling, it's best to consult with experts to identify which solution is the most effective for your specific project. Moreover, you'll also determine what is more cost-effective and less likely to affect your construction timelines.

Do You Suspect a Ground Issue?

Geobear has the answers to your questions about foundation issues and subsidence.

The first step if you suspect a foundation issue due to weakened ground is to conduct a site analysis. Our team at Geobear sends out technicians who inspect the affected area, measure any subsidence rates, and define a preliminary treatment plan. Our experts can advise as to the best course of action or, in the rare case that geopolymer injection isn’t the best solution, refer you to someone who can address that property’s specific issue. This makes it easy for you to make a single phone call and get the help you need – no scrolling the internet for hours.

The Geobear Process

We make it easier to tackle subsidence and weak ground issues because you managing construction projects is difficult enough.

Every Geobear project begins with a site visit. During this 45-minute to 1-hour appointment, our experts will walk the property with you, understand the situation, and take detailed measurements of the affected areas.

soil study engineering for subsidence repairs

Creating your treatment plan requires a thorough understanding of the issue. Your consultant will let you know if you need a drain survey, soil study, or other engineering service to diagnose and treat the issues affecting the property.

warehouses and factories

Once all of the assessments and reviews are completed, we have enough information to build a personalized plan to complete your repairs. Your dedicated expert will get to work creating drawings and specifications which are then reviewed internally by multiple geopolymer professionals.

After you’ve reviewed the plan and agreed to move forward, we’ll schedule your work with our team of highly skilled technicians. They’ll mark and drill holes per the site plan, inject geopolymer resin into the holes per specification, and stabilize the ground under your home, sometimes in as little as one day.

How do we resolve subsidence in just 2 days?





geopolymer injection foundation repair

At just 16mm they're typically the size of a 10p and often we don't even need internal access.

geopolymer injection foundation repair

In a quick and easy process we inject a special geopolymer that will expand and harden to support the property.

geopolymer injection foundation repair

Within just 15 minutes the geopolymer has expanded to fill any voids and stabilise the ground and is already 90% cured.

geopolymer injection foundation repair

You'll see the results instantly. Often cracks disappear and doors unstick as we raise the property.

Speak to our experienced advisors to arrange a consultation and site visit.

Why join the Geobear pro+ program?

Geobear’s pro+ program is designed to help professionals like you get expedited service, educational resources, and support when you need it. It’s free to join and takes just minutes to sign up. You’ll get access to special services and resources just for professionals:

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