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Our Glendale Foundation Repair Solutions fix the problem at its source! Geobear is the global expert in repairing and stabilizing soils for rehabilitating home foundations.

Glendale Foundation Repair Contractor

Fix Your Foundation Issues at the Source

Glendale is a wonderful community that is perfect for relaxing and taking in the beauty of Orange County. With Glendale abundance of green space, trails, bicycle paths, Golf Course, and Dining, who wouldn't want to live in this beautiful place. So when your foundation has a problem or you have concrete slabs that are settling, you would want it repaired quickly!

Homes in Glendale, CA  have unique soil problems that can lead to foundation issues that, if not repaired quickly, can cause problems that will exponentially increase over time. With our proprietary geopolymer injection process, we densify the loose soils underneath your foundation slab and reestablish the soil's load-bearing capacity. This no-excavation process is efficient, cost-effective, and takes much less time than traditional foundation underpinning techniques. So if you are looking for a way to get your Glendale home foundation repaired quickly and without interruption, then look no further than Geobear!

Need Foundation Repair in Glendale, CA?

Glendale Foundation Repair Process

Foundation Repair with Geopolymer works by injecting a light-weight, high-density, expanding geopolymer into the loose soil strata underneath the foundation slab. Once injected, the geopolymer permeates, expands and compacts the loose soil into a dense matrix of geopolymer and soil. The matrix is dense enough to provide a stable soil base to both support the soil and to lift from.

This process is ideal for a variety of residential home foundation repair applications, such as:

Our Glendale Foundation Repair Experts will get to the bottom of your concrete settlement issues.

Issues where Glendale Foundation Repair with Geopolymer Works

If your concrete slabs such as home foundation slabs, driveways, garages, and pools are showing these signs of settlement then geopolymer foundation repair might be the right solution for you. Here is a great article to learn about these issues and their causes!

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