Weak Ground

Weak Ground Causing Foundation IssuesWeak ground is the term used when the layers of soil beneath a structure become unstable and/or loose. As a result of becoming weak, the ground is no longer strong enough to support the weight of structures or floors, allowing them to subside. Significant signs of weak ground beneath structures include unlevel concrete floors, cracked floor tiles, and cracks on walls. It is greatly important that weak ground is corrected a soon as possible in order to prevent further damage. Our Orange County company offers concrete leveling services and specializes in sunken foundation repair.

What causes weak ground?

Weak ground can be caused by several different events, some natural and some man-made. For example, the ground beneath the structure may be comprised of sand or soil, as well as many other loose materials. In addition, man-made operations nearby may also loosen up the ground. These operations include drilling and digging activities.

Weakened ground can affect a large surface area or a small location. Even smaller locations of weak ground can cause problems regarding subsidence. Various types of soil react differently to different conditions. For example, clay is susceptible to contraction when the rainfall levels are low, whilst rock soils respond more to excavations and construction nearby. Regardless of the cause, weak ground must be corrected and never ignored. Subsidence is the most common result of weak ground and must be corrected in order to stabilize the structure and protect the residents. Our Orange County concrete leveling experts repair sunken foundations with resin injection, one of the most advanced correction processes.

Common Causes

  • A flooding of the ground
  • An extensive period without rain allows the soil to become too dry- especially soils containing reactive clay
  • Fillings that have been compacted poorly
  • The removal of resources (liquid, gas or mineral) from the ground
  • Erosion
  • Earthquakes and seismic activities, often resulting in liquefaction
  • Moisture can be removed from the ground by tree roots
  • Vibrations caused by heavy road traffic or machineries. Excavation or drilling work taking place nearby.
  • The lack of a footing system – more likely in very old buildings or in buildings that have undergone expansions or modifications
  • Heavy loading
  • A loss in strength of retaining walls

How can weak ground be corrected?

Geobear specializes in the stabilization and improvement of soil and ground, the correction of foundations, the strengthening of weak ground and making it suitable in order to support most structures. The geopolymer injections are used by our Orange County concrete leveling company because they stabilize the ground beneath homes, concrete patios or driveways, roads, paved airport runways, and more. The injection process is quick, precise, and tidy. Most importantly, residents can remain in the building undisturbed while work is completed.

These modern solutions to repair foundations are vastly more effective and efficient than the traditional concrete underpinning.  Our services utilize small resin injection holes that cause minimal damage to your home, making it easy to complete to job quickly with less disruption.

Why Choose Geobear’s Ground Engineering Solutions?

  • Works at a variety of depths.
  • Provides an increase of up to 500% in the bearing capacity of weak strata beneath structures.
  • Can be carried out at the same time as the lifting and re-levelling of a structure.
  • Is suitable for preparation of structures that need to bear increased loads (e.g. adding a second story).
  • Creates less mess with no dust, water, or construction debris to clean up.
  • Minimizes your disruption and allows you to stay in your home.
  • Doesn't damage the house or the landscaping.
  • Requires no floor removal or ground excavation.
  • Is quicker than traditional methods with simple residential jobs completed in one day.
  • Causes no harm to the environment, even in sensitive ecosystems.

Geobear USA is the North American Division of Geobear International

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