Geobear’s Non-Disruptive Solution Saved This Hotel Five Weeks of Business Disruption and Lost Revenue

Our Client

Our client is a historic five-star Dutch inn in the Santa Ynez Valley. With 68 rooms and three spa suites, the property is a quaint and charming location for guests looking to enjoy the beautiful grounds, spa, pool, wine tastings, and dining.

The Problem

The parking lot was experiencing settlement due to unsealed joints between the concrete panels. The unsealed joints were allowing water under the slabs and undermining the slabs. Eventually, this led to fracturing of the slabs and pooling of water that was accelerating the settlement and causing further damage.

The Geobear Solution

The client initially considered demolishing the concrete slabs and having the slabs replaced. This would have been a costly and invasive process involving large crews and cement trucks disrupting the grounds. The parking lot would have been shut down for weeks in the process – impacting business and revenue at the hotel.

Before committing to replacing all of the slabs, they chose to call Geobear. Our team was able to create a non-invasive treatment plan that would not disrupt their operations or cost them weeks of revenue. In less than 3 working days, we were able to inject Geopolymer into the settled area. This lifted the settled areas back to their original position and filled any voids under the slabs.


Geobear’s expert technicians were able to restore the damage created by the unsealed joints in just days, compared to several weeks required for the “traditional” solution. Geobear’s proprietary geopolymer injection method not only eliminated dangerous trip hazards but also helped to prevent future pooling.

The client was able to solve the problem at a fraction of the price with no business disruption or lost revenue. Once our team’s work was complete, the client was able to handle the cosmetic repairs and sealing of joints with minimal disruption and cost.

Contact Us

Contact us to request a consultation. Whether you know you have a settlement problem or you just aren’t sure, we’re here to help.

Our expert customer support professionals can help you over the phone. If it might be a settlement or subsidence issue, we’ll get a skilled ground engineer to visit your property and conduct a site visit and assessment.

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