Driveway Cracks Could Spell Trouble

(June 23, 2021)


Your driveway in Orange County isn’t just an entrance into your home or a place for your car to traverse. Your driveway is a community space: a gathering place for friends and family, a place your children hang out with their friends, a place to teach your kids basketball. With this in mind, you’ll want to ensure that your driveway isn’t the herald of potential foundational issues that could impact your whole house.

Foundation Repair

If you notice cracks or fractures in your driveway, your foundation may be in need of repairs. These cracks can be caused by several things, including weather, time, subsidence, or settlement. The latter of these are generally caused by environmental issues like shifting fault lines or soil movement, or man-made issues like oil drilling and mining. It’s a fairly common occurrence, especially in Orange County where the fault lines can be pretty active.

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Visible Cracks in Driveway

When your house’s foundation settles or subsidizes, it creates off-kilter visuals above ground, including visible cracking in the driveway. This is often one of the first signs of foundation problems, so it’s really a good idea to look into it as soon as possible. Pay attention to the size of the cracks, especially those that become larger over time. To figure out how big of an issue your home’s foundation may have, look for elevated or lowered areas of concrete. If you have bigger, more significant cracks, it may be time to look into foundation repair in Orange County.

Treat Foundation Problems

These cracks can lead to significant safety risks for you and your family. Not only are cracks and uneven ground difficult to walk over, they can continue to grow and worsen over time, leading to cracks in the garage, walls, and the interior of the home when not addressed. The sooner you treat foundation problems, the less expensive it will be in the long run. If you’re having foundation issues, contact Geobear today to learn how we can help!

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