(November 28, 2023)

This winter, we’re expecting an El Nino year that can impact Southern California – and your foundation. According to the Weather Channel, El Nino winters are commonly wetter than average throughout the southern US – specifically in California.

For many people, this might mean a little extra wet weather. If you are already experiencing foundation issues, though, this can make those issues even worse. Increased rain and water can disrupt soils further and cause subsidence or settlement issues to worsen. 

Many people we see throughout the year find out about foundation issues during wet weather, flooding events, burst pipes, drainage issues, and other common occurrences. The combination of clay and other soils with pooling water can create foundation issues where there were not issues before.

The biggest impacts of El Nino are expected between December of 2023 and February of 2024 according to ABC 10 News. Whether or not you’ve already noticed foundation issues, there are a few things you can do to plan ahead and protect your home from further damage. 

Print this handy checklist and take a look around your property to check off the items on the list and protect your home from worsening or developing subsidence or settlement issues.


  • Ensure water can escape everywhere. Fundamentally, the most important thing we’ll cover on every item in this list is ensuring water can escape. Most importantly, that water escapes to the right places – away from your foundation.


  • Check your exterior ground drains. Exterior drains should be free and clear of debris so that excess water can flow freely through your drains and go to the proper area. In most cases the proper area would be a gutter, street, retention pond, or drainage ditch designed to safely hold water. The proper place is never next to your foundation.


  • Make sure your rain gutters are free and clear. Check those gutters. Ensure gutters have no obstructions. Even a pile of leaves can prevent water from flowing freely to the proper location(s). When water backs up from your gutter and flows over the gutters, it can pool in any low-lying areas. Clean gutters can ensure the gutter is properly directing the water where it needs to be.


  • Check for depressions or low spots around the house where water can pool.  Walk the property and pay close attention to the perimeter of any buildings on your property (e.g., homes, sheds, etc.). Areas that are lower than others serve as buckets for water to pool in. Any water that is allowed to stand around the foundation can saturate the soil in and around the foundation and lead to subsidence or settlement.


Be ready for an El Nino year by preparing your home to handle a wetter than normal season. Pooling water and drainage problems are a common cause of subsidence and settlement that can lead to costly repairs. If you’re already experiencing foundation issues – NOW is the time to act to protect your home from further damage.

The experts at Geobear are here to help. If you have questions or concerns, reach out to us at 1-877-GEOBEAR for a complimentary consultation. 

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