(August 14, 2021)

Foundation problems can lead to significant structural damage within your home. It is estimated that approximately 24% of all homes will experience structural damage, including foundation problems. A further 5% of homes will experience major structural distress issues during their lifetime. If left unattended, your home can lose value or become unsafe.

Fortunately, there are a few methods to relevel foundations. Each of these different methods varies greatly depending on the geographic area where your home is situated and the site conditions for the repair. The foundation of your home is something you need to inspect regularly. A compromised foundation can lead to a host of issues that will likely cost you time and money to resolve.

That’s why it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the different types of foundation repair methods available. Here are a few of the techniques that could be the perfect solution to your foundation problems. Additionally, we have also listed a few causes of foundation problems and a few signs you should know.

Signs That You Have a Foundation Problem

If you are wondering if you have foundation issues, you should look at the warning signs listed below. If any of these foundation warning signs sound familiar, you should consider contacting a foundation repair company like Geobear USA in Orange County.

Interior Warning Signs

  • Doors and windows that are sticking or not closing.
  • Flooring that displays cracks or that is bulging.
  • Flooring that is uneven.
  • Sheetrock that is cracked.

Exterior Warning Signs

  • Cracked bricks, stucco, or siding.
  • Separation around windows, walls, and garage doors.
  • Moldings that have been displaced.
  • Minor or significant cracks in the foundation.

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Speak to an expert now to learn more about options for addressing your subsidence or settlement related foundation problems! Our team is available to answer your questions and help you understand your foundation issues and what to do next. Contact us or schedule a virtual consultation.

Foundation Repair Solutions

The type of foundation repair methods in Orange County that you need will depend on various factors, including the settlement location of your house, the climate, the soil type, and the foundation build. 

drilling holes for mudjacking


Slabjacking is one of the most common methods used to fix foundation problems. Slabjacking is also commonly referred to as slab leveling, mud jacking, and concrete lifting. The slab jacking method will often be used for simple issues such as raising garage floors, steps, decks, walkways, and porches.

With the slabjacking method, a concrete foundation will be lifted by drilling holes about 1-2 inches through the foundation and into the sunken spaces. Once the holes are made, a solution of natural elements such as soil and cement will be injected through the holes and into the sunken void below the foundation of your house. If done correctly, the solution will expand, and the fallen concrete slab will be raised back into place.

Slabjacking works well with smaller projects and is usually a cheaper foundation solution. However, it is most commonly used as a short-term solution. You will likely have to repeat the process every few years.

helical pier installation


There are many different piering foundation repair solutions available. Some of the more common piering solutions include helical piering, spot piering, and steel piering. Each of these piering solutions is suited to different kinds of foundation fixing. Additionally, piering methods are more affordable than replacing an entire home’s foundation, and they address the cause of the settlement.

Often the piering method will use concrete or steel posts to support a foundation that has collapsed. Additionally, this method is also used to correct foundation settlement or reinforce building foundations that fail.

The piering method is very different from slabjacking, geopolymer injection, and masonry patching. With this method, an excavation is made around a property’s foundation. Once excavation has been done, push piers are driven into the foundation with a hydraulic ram. Usually, after that has been completed helical, or steel piers are drilled into the ground with a specialized hydraulic torque motor. The final step is for the hydraulic jacks to raise the sunken foundation to the correct level, where it will be secured with welded or bolted wall brackets.

polymer injection foundation repair

Geopolymer Injection

Geopolymer injection foundation repair is an alternative method to slabjacking, yet the two methods are similar. Additionally, this method is also used for smaller fixes such as driveways, garages, and floors. As with the slabjacking procedure, holes are drilled in the home’s foundation where there is an issue. These holes are typically smaller than slabjacking holes at 5/8" or smaller.

Instead of injecting soil or cement into the holes, geopolymer material is injected to fill the void. Essentially dense and lightweight materials are used to fill the gaps. With the geopolymer injection, you're less likely to repeat the process within 10-15 years because geopolymer materials are lighter and they last longer than typical slurry used in slabjacking.

At Geobear, we specialize in geopolymer resin injection methods for soil stabilization and foundation repair. Geopolymer resin is a lightweight, dense, and expanding material that fills gaps within the ground underneath and stabilizes the ground under your foundation. Geopolymer injection requires only dime-sized holes in the affected areas and can typically be completed in one day without any moving out or landscaping repair costs.  

Need Expert Help Fast?

Speak to an expert now to learn more about options for addressing your subsidence or settlement related foundation problems! Our team is available to answer your questions and help you understand your foundation issues and what to do next. Contact us or schedule a virtual consultation.

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Ultimately, whether you use a piering foundation repair method or an injection foundation method it will depend on your budget and the issues associated with your property’s foundation. Injection methods and piering methods carry similar pricing, but certain piering methods can be more expensive. While slabjacking methods are affordable, they often last less time than others when compared to injection or piering.

The best approach to address any foundation repair issues is to speak to a qualified expert. When you get a consultation with a qualified foundation repair company, they can guide you through the engineering process, help you complete a soil study, and plan the best approach to help you address your foundation issues.

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