Concrete Slab Foundation Repair with Polymer Injection

Fix Your Foundation Issues at the Source

When slab foundations are showing signs of settlement the faster you can address it the better. When it comes to Concrete Slab Foundation Repair, there is no faster method than Geopolymer injection. Geobear's Geopolymer injection process is a fast, no-excavation method for stabilizing loose soils underneath your foundation.

How Polymer Slab Foundation Repair Works

Fix Your Foundation Issues at the Source

The goal of our geopolymer injection process it to address the root cause of of your foundation issues, namely the weak subsiding support soils underneath your home. If you do not address the soils you aren't really addressing the problem. Our process stabilizes and compacts the soil strata into a solid dense mass that is capable of supporting your home.

Need Slab Foundation Repair?

Southern California Concrete Slab Foundation Repair Process

Polymer Slab Foundation Repair works by injecting a light-weight, high-density, expanding geopolymer into the loose soil strata underneath the home foundation. Once injected, the geopolymer expands and compacts the loose soil into a dense matrix of geopolymer and soil.

Geobear uses a vertical and horizontal injection grid pattern to treat the weak soil zones underneath your slab.  This cost-effective process can be used to lift, level, and stabilize the slab foundation back to grade.

Our California Slab Foundation Repair Experts will get to the bottom of your foundation issues.

Common Signs You Might Need Slab Foundation Repair

We're experts at solving the problems caused by subsidence or settlement. The earlier that you address subsidence, the less costly it's likely to be. Fortunately, subsidence comes with a variety of warning signs. Some of the most common signs of subsidence or settlement under your home are cracks in the walls, sinking floors, sticking doors or windows, and cracks in concrete driveways or patios.

About Geobear

Pioneering Ground Improvement Since 1983

Geobear is an international ground improvement solutions company treating subsidence, settlement, and other ground instability issues. Our fast, cost-effective, and innovative solutions stabilize the ground, fill voids, and lift slabs in Orange County and beyond with minimal disruption. We've treated over 200,000 properties across the globe. Because of this, Geobear is a trusted partner for industry and homeowners alike.

Proudly serving Southern California from our Yorba Linda, CA location

Proudly Serving Southern California

Geobear provides foundation repair services throughout Southern California including:

Orange County • Los Angeles • San Diego • Long Beach • Anaheim • Santa Ana • Riverside • Chula Vista • Irvine • San Bernardino • Fontana • Rancho Cucamonga • Ontario • Huntington Beach • Oxnard • Glendale

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Contact us to request a consultation. Whether you know you have a settlement problem or you just aren’t sure, we’re here to help.

Our expert customer support professionals can help you over the phone. If it might be a settlement or subsidence issue, we’ll get a skilled ground engineer to visit your property and conduct a site visit and assessment.

Don’t wait until your problem gets bigger. Explore the most cost-effective, innovative solutions available. You deserve to save time, money, and stress.

Contact us today for a no-obligation, pressure-free consultation! For immediate assistance, call 877-GEOBEAR to speak to a representative now.

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