Orange County Foundation Repair Solutions

Fix Your Foundation Issues at the Source

Most foundation issues are the result of settlement or subsidence. Instead of just treating the superficial problem, you need to treat issues with your foundation at the source. Aesthetic issues such as cracks in the walls, uneven floors, or sticking doors can be a sign of a deeper problem. Whether your home needs foundation crack repair or floor lifting, it's important to understand the source of these issues.

When you notice problems with your foundation, you need a qualified Orange County foundation repair expert.

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Orange County Foundation Repair with Geopolymer Injection

In the past, when issues like this occurred, underpinning was the solution. Underpinning is the old method of treating subsidence. Now, with Geobear, subsidence can be repaired in as little as one day. Our process is simple. Geopolymer material is injected into the ground under your home. This method cures subsidence permanently and it stops the environment from affecting the soils. It can even help repair cracks in the foundation of your Orange County home. In the end, you get a solid foundation for the future. 

We invented this process and we've been doing it for over 30 years. Our team has completed 200,000 projects around the globe. In that time, we've perfected the materials we use and the process we deploy for you. To start, we inject our material as a liquid. Then, that material expands and becomes as solid as concrete, compacting the soils. There is no digging or excavation and none of the headache of conventional methods.

Our Orange County Foundation Repair Experts will get to the bottom of your foundation issues.

Common Signs of Subsidence

Cracks in the Interior or Exterior Walls

Orange County Foundation Repair Cracks in walls

Sticking Windows or Doors

Orange County Foundation Repair Sticking Windows and Doors

Sinking or Uneven Floors

Orange County Foundation Repair sinking and uneven floors

Cracks in Concrete Driveways

Orange County Foundation Repair Cracks in Driveways

Addressing Multiple Ground Improvement Issues

The solutions we provide address all types of subsidence where soil conditions have disturbed the foundations.

Our foundation repair process works for sinking internal floors caused by voiding beneath the concrete slab that causes it to drop. We also improve the ground strength, meaning you can build on ground not originally suited for it. This enables you to add another floor to a house, for example.

Geobear's geopolymer resin injection method is designed to be carried out quickly, quietly, and with minimal disruption to the home and its occupants. Unlike other methods, there is no excavation required. Our team only need to drill small holes into the ground to inject our geopolymer materials directly into the affected area.

This solution is perfect for residents in Orange County who need repairs for foundation cracks, subsiding walls, sinking floor slabs, rotating extensions, conservatories, garages and bay windows.

Proudly Serving Southern California

Geobear provides foundation repair services throughout Southern California including:

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GeobearUSA is the North American branch of Geobear International

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Our expert customer support professionals can help you over the phone. If it might be a settlement or subsidence issue, we’ll get a skilled ground engineer to visit your property and conduct a site visit and assessment.

Don’t wait until your problem gets bigger. Explore the most cost-effective, innovative solutions available. You deserve to save time, money, and stress.

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