Are you looking for an faster, effective, non-disruptive alternative to underpinning in Orange County? Concrete lifting and leveling is made easier with our geopolymer injection process!

If your home has subsidence, treatment needs to be completed quickly to strengthen the ground and stabilize the building.

In the past, underpinning was the method used to treat most subsidence issues. During the underpinning process, the ground beneath the building is excavated and concrete is poured in to strengthen the foundation. Underpinning, however, posed a serious challenge. The process is lengthy and disruptive - especially to homeowners. To start, the home must to be vacated while work is completed. In addition to treatment costs, your temporary vacation from your home can really add to the cost.

Geobear offers a non-disruptive alternative to underpinning in Orange County, saving you time and money. Gone are the days of excavating the ground beneath the home. Our expert technicians use a patented geopolymer resin injection technology. As this solution requires only a few small holes in the ground to inject our solution, most projects can be completed in one day. This makes Geobear's injection services a great alternative to underpinning for Orange County homeowners.

How Geopolymer Injection Works

Our solution uses geopolymer resin to treat subsidence. The resin is injected through small holes made in the ground, which cause minimum disruption at the site. Once underground, the resin follows the path of least resistance, expanding as it goes. This means that all gaps in the ground are filled and that soil in weaker areas becomes compacted. The ground is stabilized and, where necessary, lifted without the extensive excavation work.


geopolymer injection foundation repair

At just 16mm they're smaller than an average ring and often we don't even need internal access.


geopolymer injection foundation repair

In a quick and easy process we inject a special geopolymer that will expand and harden to support the property.


geopolymer injection foundation repair

Within just 15 minutes the geopolymer has expanded to fill any voids and stabilise the ground and is already 90% cured.


geopolymer injection foundation repair

You'll see the results instantly. Often cracks disappear and doors unstick as we raise the property.

The Benefits of Geopolymer Injection

No Disruption to Everyday Life

Our solutions offer a distraction-free site allowing your home to buzz almost like normal while our technician completes the repairs. This saves you both time and money as you don't need the expense of moving out or replacing floors.

Fast Solution

We design our processes for efficiency. Every step of the stabilization process is expedited. While many alternative subsidence and ground repair methods can take weeks or months to complete, geopolymer injection is done in a matter of days.

Designed to Last

Faster services mean less disruption for you. Plus, our services have a proven track record when it comes to reliability and stability. Our technologies have been providing long lasting solutions throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia for over three decades with durable and time-tested results.

Adaptable and Functional

Our systems provide a new level of support to uneven slabs, repairing damages that have occurred over a number of years. We offer services for all types and sizes of building. Geobear can revive foundations back to their original quality and capacity, no matter the type or purpose of the building or structure.

Fully Manageable Systems

Unlike traditional techniques, our geopolymer approach doesn’t rely on an abundance of hydraulic pressure which can sometimes get a little uncontrollable. Instead, boundaries are raised with complete control resulting in a much-reduced chance of damaging or breaking slabs.

Strong Structural Capabilities

Patented technology from Geobear allows for massive lifting capabilities. Our systems provide a solution for even the most demanding of circumstances. Throughout the world, we've tackled complex projects with our geopolymer solution using our incredibly strong and vigorous remediation solutions.

Architecturally Friendly

Thanks to the advanced nature of Geobear's solutions, buildings don’t always have to be lifted to be repaired. In some cases, a number of very small holes can permit geopolymer resins to be injected through floor coverings should lifting not be a feasible or necessary option.

Environmentally Friendly

All services, solutions and products have been officially certified as having no negative impact on the environment. They also require no excavation or disturbing of laying ground resulting in a more eco-friendly underpinning method than the excavation-heavy alternatives.

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